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Viewing the Swiss Colony Cheese Days Parade

THE SWISS COLONY CHEESE DAYS PARADE will step off from the Green County Fairgrounds on Sunday, September 16, 2018, at 12:30 pm.  Purchase bleacher seats (festival seating) in advance at the Cheese Days Store.

Click here for a PARADE ROUTE MAP.

Click here for a BLEACHER MAP.

Please arrive early to find a spot to view the parade. As streets around the parade route get closed off, it becomes increasingly difficult to make your way around.

The areas toward the end of the route on 9th Street (on the return trip to the Fairgrounds) are often the least crowded. The best way to get to this area:  if you are on Hwy 11/81 (which curves over Monroe on the north side of the city), take the Hwy 59 and 6th Street exit. Don't go on Hwy 59 (it would take you to Albany); instead go on 6th Street into Monroe. Turning left onto 28th Ave or 27th Ave will get you into the area near the end of the route - and street parking is available.

A great area for families with small children is East School Park. The park takes up an entire block, and the parade passes on both sides (9th Street and 10th Street). The park is between 22nd and 24th Avenue. Please allow the elderly and handicap parade viewers to make use of the canopy tents that are set up in the park.  Small food stands and porta potties are available here.

Bleacher Seats can be reserved in advance for several sections of bleachers in the downtown area.