Cheese Days Limburger Queen

Limburger Queen Stephanie Klett 

Limburger Queen Stephanie Klett (aka - Wisconsin Secretary of Tourism) has a new title:  Limburger Queen in Perpetuity!

A message from the Limburger Queen:

It was love at first sniff.
Some call it the “King of Stinky Cheese.” I prefer to call it wildly assertive. Maybe it’s because I was raised with 9 sweaty, smelly brothers and my sniffer’s immune to most pungent products. But the smell of Limburger keeps my soul a-singin’ and my taste-buds a-zingin’.
How did this love affair begin?
I was hosting an episode of Discover Wisconsin Television about the city of Monroe and we ventured to the famous Baumgartner’s Cheese Store. I was challenged to eat a limburger sandwich. As those around me murmured about the obnoxious stench, I happily devoured every bite, complete with spicy mustard and thick raw onion. I was hooked.
And I have a confession. I like the smell. Which is probably why for the 100th Anniversary of Green County’s Cheese Days the committee selected me as their first-ever Limburger Queen. Though I’ve held many titles, from Miss Wisconsin to Secretary of Tourism, nothing compares to this honor.
So here’s my pledge. As your 2014 Limburger Queen I promise to proudly promote Limburger to the world. And since its odor is out-of-this-world I promise personally to always smell nice. It’s time my friends, that Limburger gets the recognition it deserves. Cheese-lovers unite! We have a mission.
And one last fact in this love letter to Limburger. It’s made in America, in only one place… Monroe.

Written by Stephanie Klett
2014 Green County Cheese Days Limburger Queen
Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Tourism