• Monroe businessmen attend Sauerkraut Day in Forreston, Illinois and return home with visions of cheese curds dancing in their heads

  • Crowd size estimated at 3,000 – 4,000

  • 13,000 cheese sandwiches prepared by volunteer firemen and meat cutters in the garage of the Blumer (now Joseph Huber) Brewery

  • Entertainment includes vaudeville, acrobatics, and bands


  • First parade!

  • Governor Emanuel Philipp attends festival

  • Cheese Days program includes an “Ode to Limburger”

  • Crowd size estimated at 20,000

  • Schedule includes Swiss wrestling and an Alpine Quartet


  • Festival attendees watch as Fred Steinman turns 2,000 pounds of milk into a giant wheel of cheese

  • “Panorama of Cheeseland” parade is 2 miles long

  • Parade includes circus section with clowns, calliope, and animal cages

  • 15,000 cheese sandwiches given away


  • 4-mile long parade includes 150 decorated cattle led by Swiss costumed dairy maids

  • 80 concession stands line the curbs of the Square

  • Rudy Benkert honored as oldest cheesemaker in the county

  • Festvial goers enjoyed a grand ball at Turner Hall


  • Cheese Days celebration cancelled due to World War I – a patriotic event was held instead


  • Marion Burgy of Monticello chosen as first Cheese Days Queen

  • 85 year old Sebastian Duerst and 87 year old Oswald Babler honored as last remaining of the original Swiss colonists from New Glarus

  • Community bands from Brodhead, Browntown, Monroe, and New Glarus entertained

  • Monroe first promoted as “Swiss Cheese Capital of the USA”


  • Parade features 125 floats, including chariots, trick ponies, clowns, cattle sporting Swiss cow bells, and snake charmers

  • More than 25,000 cheese sandwiches consumed

  • Green County is home to 152 cheese factories

  • Palais Royal Orchestra plays at Turner Hall

  • Lillian Augsburger selected as Queen


  • 34,000 cheese sandwiches consumed - including wheel Swiss, block Swiss, Limburger, and Brick

  • Postmaster John Burkhard honored as Cheese Day chairman

  • 56 former cheesemakers ride in the parade

  • Crowd size estimated at 50,000

  • Talent contest features yodelers and accordion players

  • Vilah Sommerfeldt named Queen


  • Mrs. William Chambers of Juda wins the cow milking competition

  • Crowd size estimated at 60,000 - 70,000

  • 50,000 cheese sandwiches enjoyed by festival goers

  • Turner Hall hosts Jitterbug Contest

  • Entertainment includes “parade of cantons” featuring usherettes from the New Glarus Wilhelm Tell pageant

  • Parade entries include a two-headed cat balloon

  • Three Queens for a Day: Miss Monticello Dorothy Bidlingmaier, Miss Brodhead Lillian Fleek, and Miss Monroe Bessie Scheisser


  • Crowd size estimated at 90,000

  • 60,000 cheese sandwiches distributed

  • John Bussman wins Swiss wrestling competition

  • High school students Darlyne Adelman and Robert Rieder named King and Queen


  • Parade includes 30 old time cheesemakers, 100 saddle horses, and 16 horse teams

  • Limburger, Brick, and Swiss cheese sandwiches enjoyed by festival goers

  • Winner of contest to guess how many holes in a wheel of Swiss cheese receives 20 pound block of Swiss

  • Press party held at Town Hall cheese factory near Monticello

  • Rita Bregenzer named Queen


  • Parade consists of 160 units

  • Cheese Days becomes a two-day event

  • Crowd size estimated at 125,000

  • Donald Wenger serves as Parade Marshal

  • Archie Myers and Bob Bussen serve as co-chairs

  • Farm Bureau sponsors free dairy farm tours

  • Cheese Days song recorded with Monroe High School Band accompanying

  • Pat Kaster named Queen


  • Governor Warren Knowles attends festival

  • Cheese Days song re-recorded with Martha Bernet as featured yodeler

  • UW Madison marching band plays "Come to Cheese Days" song during parade

  • Cheese Days buttons and Swiss caps sold as souvenirs

  • Skydivers drop in at Twining Park

  • Sgt. Jimmie Earl Howard serves as Parade Marshal

  • Pat Kaster and Donna Wyss named Queens


  • Cheese Days Art Fair debuts

  • Cheesemaker John Bussman makes cheese on the downtown Square for the first time

  • Roger Bright Band performs

  • Green County Ag Chest distributes cheese samples on the courthouse lawn

  • 20 veteran cheesemakers ride in the parade

  • Mark Winzenreid serves as Parade Marshal

  • Darlene Rufener honored as Queen


  • "Swiss dollars" sold as souvenirs

  • Parade drowned out by rain

  • Monroe Optimists sell “secret recipe” deep fried cheese curds for the first time

  • All current cheesemakers honored as Parade Marshals

  • Carol Lehr and Jocelyn Kline named Queens


  • UW Madison Athletic Director Elroy Hirsch honored as Parade Marshal

  • Walter Krahenbuhl honored as grand champion cheesemaker

  • Hillbilly Sophistikats and the Swiss Echos entertain on the main stage

  • Six bands compete in the Drum and Bugle Corp contest

  • A Gemutlichkeit Swiss Party held for the media in July

  • Marianne Dickson and Mary Kosek honored as Queens


  • Tea towels, beanies, buttons, coins, and wooden Swiss dollars for sale as souvenirs

  • Ivan Gobeli named Grand Champion Cheesemaker for his Muenster

  • Replica of White House in miniature available for viewing at United Telephone Co.

  • Festival goers offered tours at Chalet Cheese Factory

  • Pam Wels Wyss and Janice Wettach Everson named Queens


  • First Cheese Days Chase held

  • Governor Martin Schreiber rides in parade

  • Estimated 6 tons of cheese sold on the Square

  • Jo Ann Rufener and Connie Driver honored as Queens

  • Randy Krahenbuhl named Grand Champion Cheesemaker

  • Maynard Heins and Virgil Leopold chair the parade


  • Cheese Days Ball held at Turner Hall, with Max Drexler's Bavarian Band entertaining

  • Werner and Martha Bernet named King and Queen

  • Milford Severson named Grand Champion Cheesemaker

  • First female co-chair: Lois Kaster

  • Mary Carroll and Karen Dischler named Queens


  • Ryan Erickson and Lisa Schroeder named first Prince and Princess

  • Gottlieb and Trudy Brandli honored as King and Queen

  • Cathy Gruninger and Ramona Gordee named as Queens

  • Friday night bar hopping committee (dressed in Swiss outfits and accompanied by Del Heins on accordion) visits area taverns to promote the event

  • John Bussman serves as Parade Marshal


  • 900 runners enter Cheese Days Chase race, with many wearing Cheese Days Chase headbands

  • Governor Tony Earl rides in parade

  • Souvenirs for sale include limited edition beer mugs, coins, and buttons

  • Bob and Helene Buehler honored as King and Queen

  • Brad Grossen and Erin Trampe named Prince and Princess

  • Kristi Tuescher and Debbie Meier named as Queens

  • Cliff Reasa serves as Parade Marshal

  • Cheese Days button designed with likeness of Martha Bernet


  • 1,000 area dairy farms honored for supplying milk to the cheese factories

  • Armin and Kathryn Rufener named King and Queen

  • Benjamin Bergey and Brandi Spidahl named Prince and Princess

  • Michelle Kundert and Wendi Gelbach selected as Queen

  • Walt Rufener wins Cow Milking Contest

  • Jan Benkert appointed as Executive Secretary

  • Arts and Craft Fair brings 137 exhibitors

  • 650 runners compete in Cheese Days Chase

  • Janeen Joy Babler designs button


  • After not milking a cow for 45 years, Helen Summers Davis walks away the winner of the cow milking contest

  • Kids enjoy free camel rides

  • More than 1300 people take part in the cheese factory and farm tour

  • Tim Hasler and Rebekah Stauffacher named Prince and Princess

  • Ben and Lois Kaster named King and Queen

  • Pam Zweifel and Stacy Meyer serve as Queens

  • Bob Buehler and Jocelyn Stricker serve as Parade Marshals

  • Dorothy Roth designs Cheese Days button


  • Winner of the Schwingest (Swiss wresting) receives first place prize of a purebred bull calf

  • Souvenirs for sale include coffee mugs and t-shirts

  • Joe Urban serves as Master of Ceremonies for the parade

  • Governor Tommy Thompson rides in the parade and receives a block of Swiss cheese

  • Alex Bernet and Elise Wagner named Prince and Princess

  • Virgil and Carol Leopold named King and Queen

  • Tina Steinmann and Cindy Olson serve as Queens

  • Cheese Days publicized on Good Morning America

  • Walter Rufener serves as Parade Marshal

  • Elaine Bethke designs Cheese Days button


  • Parade includes a 52-hitch llama entry

  • Myron Olson honored as grand champion cheesemaker

  • Mitch Quade and Deanndra Buol named Prince and Princess

  • Maynard and Joanna Heins named King and Queen

  • Bill Hanson and Nancy Faith serve as Parade Marshals

  • Becky Buri and Heidi Tschanz honored as Queens

  • Mark Wildman designs Cheese Days button


  • Cheese Days celebrates 80th anniversary

  • Adam Krebs and Jenny Bauman named Prince and Princess

  • Clayton and Marion Streiff named King and Queen

  • Kim Brown and Gretchen Buol serve as Queens

  • Accordionist Rudy Burkhalter passes away on the Friday of Cheese Days weekend

  • Holly Dearth designs Cheese Days button


  • Monroe Mayor Bill Ross competes in milking contest but does not win

  • 500 runners compete in Cheese Days Chase

  • Gary Grossen named Grand Champion Cheesemaker

  • Ray and Betty Vetterli named King and Queen

  • John Bussman serves as parade Marshal

  • Mauro Magellan designs Cheese Days button

  • Adam Hutchinson and Shelley Quade named Prince and Princess

  • Brandi Siedschlag and Sara Feldt honored as Queens


  • First golf classic held

  • Opening ceremony includes alphorns and a parade of flags

  • Ernie and Theresa Jaggi named King and Queen

  • Brent Quade and Emily Guerin named Prince and Princess

  • Howard Grossen and Lillian Hawthorne serve as Parade Marshals

  • Button designed by Tina and Alec White

  • Amy Ammon and Mandy Krahenbuhl selected as Ambassadors (formerly Queens)


  • Randy and Pam Wyss named King and Queen

  • Logan Stamm and Brianna Zimmerman named Prince and Princess

  • Swiss folk artist Janeen Joy Babler designs Cheese Days button

  • Werner Sr., Werner Jr., and Brian Zimmerman serve as Parade Marshals

  • Ann Ammon and Karen Frei selected as Ambassadors


  • Justin Johnson designs Cheese Days button

  • Lindsay Wettach and Cally Abplanalp named Ambassadors

  • Buholzer Family (Klondike Cheese Co.) named Parade Marshals

  • Steve and Sharon Streiff named King and Queen

  • Cody Stamm and Elisabeth Brunner named Prince and Princess


  • Brianna Gelbach named Ambassador

  • Mauro Magellan designs Cheese Days button

  • Official Cheese Days web site launched

  • Bob and Nancy Faith honored as King and Queen

  • Anders Nelson and Anya Schween serve as Prince and Princess

  • Noreen Rueckert hired as Coordinator

  • New feature: Cheese Days Hospitality Tent

  • Larry Lindgren and Katheryn Etter honored as Parade Marshals

  • Festival goers enjoy Wisconsin’s Biggest Cheese Fondue

  • Sunday's big event renamed "The Swiss Colony Cheese Days Parade"


  • Shannon Stricker named Ambassador

  • Henry and Melva Tschanz named King and Queen

  • Josha Smith and Lauren Blumer reign as Prince and Princess

  • Carolyn Schultz designs Cheese Days button

  • Nate Roth and Doran Zwygart honored as Parade Marshals

  • “Swiss Roots” visits with an antique Swiss Post Bus


  • Charity Rood named Ambassador

  • Gary and Corie Grossen serve as King and Queen

  • Noah Zimmerman and Oliva O’Dea selected as Prince and Princess

  • Kim Berg designs button

  • Cheese Days song featured on commemorative t-shirts

  • Family Farm Adventure Tent debuts

  • Cheese Days opens beer stand on the square

  • Gerald Swiggum and Dick Rote honored as Parade Marshals


  • Trisha Pernot named Ambassador

  • Dennis and Janice Everson honored as King and Queen

  • Gabe Witt and Cammi Ganshert serve as Prince and Princess

  • Wendy Flanagan designs button

  • Stan Neuberger and Joe Urban lead the parade as Marshals

  • Back by popular demand: Dairy Farm Tours


  • Brianna Ditzenberger named Ambassador

  • John and Becky Wegmueller honored as King and Queen

  • Eli Zimmerman and Maddison Markham named Prince and Princess

  • Martha Bernet and Lois Kaster selected as Parade Marshals

  • Cheese Days mascot “Wedgie” introduced

  • Sarah the Cheese Lady creates cheese carvings from Emmi Roth Gruyere and Maple Leaf Cheddar

  • Seven dairy breeds and 200 humans participate in Cow Milking Contest

  • Parade re-routed slightly to allow space for additional food vendors and new Dining Tent


  • Breinne Hendrickson and Sarah Sacker named Ambassadors

  • Duke and Diane Phillips honored as King and Queen

  • Elsen Gratz and Christina Grenzow chosen as Prince and Princess

  • Jim Bruce and Del Heins selected as Parade Marshals

  • McKenzie Homan designs button

  • Cheese Days episode appears on Discover Wisconsin TV

  • Wisconsin Secretary of Tourism Stephanie Klett named official Limburger Queen of the 2014 festival

  • More than 100 accordions join Monroe City Band in playing the Cheese Days Song


  • Jana Duval Crandall named Ambassador

  • Longtime parade chairs Pat and Gloria Krutza honored as King and Queen

  • Longtime volunteer and former president Dennis Dalton selected as Parade Marshal

  • Daniella Echeverria is inspired by the 100 accordions in 2014 and designs the accordion-themed button

  • Food trucks added to diversify menu

  • Trachtengruppe Gohl folk dancing group from Langnau, Switzerland entertains

  • Simon Zimmerman and Delaney Sweeney chosen as Prince and Princess

  • Dave Buholzer wins the honor of Grand Champion Cheesemaker

  • Ron and Sue Buholzer honored as "Big Cheese" by Foreign Type Cheesemakers Assn.

  • Boogie and the Yo Yo'z draw record crowd on the main stage on Saturday night


  • Tess Zettle named Ambassador

  • Gordy and Ruth Bergemann (owners Maple Leaf Cheese Store) honored as King and Queen

  • Swiss friends Sherry Anderegg and Bert Digman selected as Parade Marshals

  • Cheese Days button by Tingalls Graphic Design

  • Arts and Crafts Fair moved behind Baumgartner's to surface lot of former downtown parking ramp

  • Retail Committee adds "second in a series" Red Wing stoneware collectible

  • New on the entertainment schedule: Wheelhouse, Doo Wop Daddies, and Road Trip

  • Tyse Hoesly and Lauren Stelter selected as Prince and Princess

  • Accordion Players and Barbershop Quartet join the Alphorn Players as roving entertainers

  • Gary and Corrie Grossen honored as “Big Cheese” by Foreign Type Cheesemakers Assn.

  • Kermit the Frog (giant inflatable) in the parade

  • Donna Douglas and Wedgie (Cheese Days Mascot) lead the crowd in a Chicken Dance “flash mob”