T-Shirt Design Contest

Green County Cheese Days invites both amateur and professional artists to submit designs for consideration in a 2018 Cheese Days T-shirt Contest. Winner (or winners) will receive $100 cash as well as tickets for Monroe Optimist Deep Fried Cheese Curds and Cheese Days merchandise — including a t-shirt with their own winning design. The winning artist(s) will be invited to ride in The Swiss Colony Cheese Days Parade. Entries are due by September 15, 2017. 

Click here for more details and the official entry form.

Cheese Days PRince and PRincess Contest

Prince and Princess Contest

The Prince and Princess Contest is open to Green County children ages 6 – 9.  The contest is generally held in early June of the festival year.  The 2016 application and rules are below, for reference.  The 2018 application will be available in March of 2018.

Contest Application
Rules & Judging
Awards & Appearances

Cheese Days Cow Milking Contest

Cow Milking Contest

An “udderly” good time thanks to area dairy farmers & their happy herds! Held on Saturday by the post office, the contest begins with a parade showcasing the major breeds of dairy cattle. Teams must register in advance. A limited number of teams will be chosen to compete.

For information and registration, contact Kelsi Mayer: